About Us

Bearking was founded by a group of fishing lovers. From our senior managers to our junior employees, most of our team members derive much pleasure from angling. Initially, we are nothing more than a group of amateur fishermen fishing on weekends. Small as we were, we had many lovely old good days when we treat each other with genuine friendship, for we all shared a common hobby: fishing. Afterward, as some professional, veteran anglers joyed us, our team snowballed into a fishing tackle business.


We want to make complete the fishing adventure for people like us, so we built the brand. If angling together brings us fun, then it is safe to say that providing this kind of fun to others sends real happiness to us. Some of our customers would share their fishing experience with us via message or send us their videos, the sight of which often brings our memory back to our old fishing days. So in a vicarious way, our fishing hobby continues. Now, we fish much less than we did as the business is run quite well, yet we cannot be more delighted whenever our customers send feedback to us, telling us that our fishing gear works miracles!

In a word, we are like-minded people. So, please trust us, grab anything you need in our shop, and...enjoy!

Company Name: Shenyang Qiancheng Network Technology Co. LTD
Company Address:87-5 Wanghua Middle Street, Dadong District, Shenyang city, Liaoning Province (2-5-2)