Brand Story

Bearking is a well-established fishing tackle brand. For years, it has been devoted to creating and developing top-performing products with a price tag anyone can appreciate. It sets out to add more fun to the already-enjoyable fishing experience for its customers by producing products of premium design and advanced engineering.


Bearking has an amazing assortment of terrific goods: we have fishing reels, hard baits, soft baits, to fishing tackle boxes, to name but a few, all of which are creatively designed and finely processed, loaded with superior features and outstanding performance. Whether you are budget-conscious fishing beginners catching small fish or seasoned anglers battling with aggressive briny monsters, our feature-packed, budget-friendly fishing tackles are excellent choices to add to your fishing tackle collections!


So, just pick up anything you like in Bearking and add it to your fishing tackle arsenals, for Bearking never fails its users. Over the years, it has been receiving positive feedback from its users of different groups of anglers. Some of them engage in saltwater fishing, others prefer inshore fishing, and still others favor fishing in inland spots, yet one thing is common among them: they all give a thumb-up to Bearking.